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 Joe Chen complains about the media questioning his sexuality

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PostSubject: Joe Chen complains about the media questioning his sexuality   Thu Oct 25, 2007 10:18 am

Taiwan’s popular idol Joe’s Cheng (Xiao Zhong)’s sexuality were always being questioned. Sometimes being rumor to have [brokeback relationship] with Mike He, sometimes being rumor with Lin Zhi Ling’s “Si Mei” Liv hooking fingers while strolling, like a couple. The previous night, Xiao Zhong and Liv arrived together again at the Centra’s Qlub Qube event, Xiao Zhong was seen showing off his gentlemen side by escorting Liv, who was seen wearing the sexy orange color bikini inside her clothes, to the event; but he denies all the rumors by saying firmly that they are just good friends. Xiao Zhong even whines that rumors will be created whether he went out with a guy or a girl. He’s afraid that no friends of his would want to go out with him anymore.

The other day, Xiao Zhong and the 24 years old, who are part Chinese and American, model Liv going together from Taiwan to Hong Kong. Both of them came out from the arrival gate separately on purpose and later going shopping together at “Tong Low Wan”. Xiao Zhong even put his arm around Liv while walking. Liv was seen hooking his fingers with hers, very intimate. The night before yesterday, Liv was wearing the sexy orange bikini plus a suit and a pair of hot pants, Xiao Zhong was seen helping her getting out from the car, very thoughtful. When the both of them were being interview together, Xiao Zhong immediately redo the arm around her shoulder scene again to explain that it was all because of the different angle.

Denies having romantic relationship with Lin Zhi Ling’s Si Mei
Xiao Zhong and Liv deny their rumor by firmly saying that they are just good friends. The reason, Xiao Zhong said: [Liv knows her way around Hong Kong’s shopping area. That is why we go together. The arm around shoulder thing is all because of the different angle. At that time I’m just signaling Liv to take a turn that is all.] Right after he finished, the cheeky Xiao Zhong puts his arm around Liv and turning her to face the reporter, smiles and say: [Now I am doing it again to show it to you!]

When asked about his sexuality, is it much better having rumor with a girl than with a guy? Xiao Zhong whines and say: [Rumors will be created if I was seen going out with either a guy or a girl. Next time nobody will want to go out with me.]

Xiao Zhong came to Hong Kong to attend a function for a nightclub, but he doesn’t really like to go to the nightclub in Taiwan. [Photos will by taken by the paparazzi.] Came to aware that Xiao Zhong has a high tolerance to alcohol; been seen drinking Champagne for two nights in a row and still didn’t get drunk. [but it won’t do if it was alcohol]

Source : Mingpao

*credits to: Kassy @
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Joe Chen complains about the media questioning his sexuality
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