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 One Celebrity's Missed Role, Another One's Fortune

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One Celebrity's Missed Role, Another One's Fortune Empty
PostSubject: One Celebrity's Missed Role, Another One's Fortune   One Celebrity's Missed Role, Another One's Fortune Icon_minitimeFri Nov 02, 2007 3:10 am

Guess what Yoon Eun-hye, Rain, Han Ye-seul, Cho Seong-woo and Kim Ah-jung have in common? Stardom has come to them by grabbing roles by chance. Unprecedented hit TV shows and films!
Someone's realized opportunity must have been another's missed once-in-a-lifetime chance. Let's find out who won the chances and who lost.

Do you remember the recent mega hit TV series "Coffee Prince," where Yoon Eun-hye played the boyish character of Goh Eun-chan, and earned laud from the viewers?
The director reportedly eyed Kim A-joong for the role. Did you know that?
However, prior to the offer of the role in "Coffee Prince", Kim had signed a long-term contract with a shampoo manufacturer which mandates Kim wears long hair until the term expires. So, Kim could not take a role requiring her to cut her hair to short length.

Han Ye-seul won a huge fame with her famous line, "A yo, look at yourself" in "Couple or Trouble."
She successfully turned the yucky character into a competent figure.
But the role was originally intended for Um Jeong-hwa who was unfortunately busy promoting her 9th album. Han herself had a similar story. She was offered a main character in “My Lovely Samsoon,” which Jeong Rye-won took up and earned fans' great love.

Cho Seung-woo perfectly depicted a retarded 20-year old man with the 5-year old's intelligence.
The film "Marathon" is based on a true story, and was a very pleasant one.
Cho-won says he's happiest when running, and his impression still lingers in our minds.
Actually, the director invited Shin Ha-gyun and Park Hae-il for the role. Shin, however, was busy with another film, and Park declined it due to the burden of acting as a retarded person.
What would have happened, if either of them had played it?

People deem Cha In-pyo as one of the top-notch actors in Korea.
No wonder he has enjoyed a steady flow of offers. Whenever he declined a role, the film raked in multimillion dollar profits. Thus, his rejection is deemed as sanguine herald for the future box office hit.
His rejection list covers an army of hit films such as Swiri, The Foul King, The Host, Friend, Kick The Moon, My Wife Is A Gangster and My Boss, My Hero, just to name a few.
All of them were favored and earned mountains of money.

Casting seems the most nagging job a director has to joggle until the very beginning of the filming.
Chances often bring some to stardom, and create fortune.
However, what really matters is the result that follows one's dedication and whole-hearted performance.
We will look forward to seeing the best from our movie stars.

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One Celebrity's Missed Role, Another One's Fortune
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