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 Taiwanese Pop Singer Jay Chou Releases New Album

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PostSubject: Taiwanese Pop Singer Jay Chou Releases New Album   Sat Nov 03, 2007 11:25 am

Taiwanese pop sensation Jay Chou released his eighth album Thursday, fresh from his debut as a movie director. "Jay Chou on the Run" is an eclectic mixture of R&B and soul-baring ballads, leavened with some unexpected humor.

The first cut on the album is "Cowboy on the Run," a country-styled song that makes fun of the stereotypical image of a brawling, beer-swilling cowpoke. Other notable entries include the apparently autobiographical "I Don't Deserve It," bemoaning a celebrity's lack of privacy, and "Sunny Geeks," which deals with men who feel awkward about their appearance.

Chou's JVR Music said "Jay Chou on the Run" is a snapshot of the singer's burgeoning career.

"This album reflects his current life better than any previous ones," the company said in a statement. "He uses music to remind people to have fun in life even when they are very busy."

Chou, who is one of Taiwan's leading pop idols, recently branched out into films, appearing in three roles on the silver screen. Earlier this year he made his directorial debut with "Secret," a love story that achieved good success at the box office.

Source: Sina

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Taiwanese Pop Singer Jay Chou Releases New Album
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