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 [JAPAN] LíArc~en~Cielís tetsu and Sakai Ayana engaged

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PostSubject: [JAPAN] LíArc~en~Cielís tetsu and Sakai Ayana engaged   Sat Nov 24, 2007 5:18 am

Two photos of Actress, model and fashion designer Sakai Ayana (22) showed off her $200,000, 2.2 carat engagement ring and another with her and tetsu together to confirm her engagement to LíArc~en~Ciel bassist tetsu (38). The wedding ring is said to cost $500,000. Sakai said that her engagement is ďLike a dream moment that came trueĒ. Sakai said the two met last year through a friend and was the proposal took place back in August. She talked about when it happened their was a rainbow, the sea was on the horizon and she was impressed by how it was done and she cried. The two are living together and will enter the family register and a wedding ceremony is scheduled for next year.

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[JAPAN] LíArc~en~Cielís tetsu and Sakai Ayana engaged
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