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 Project Group "Anyband"

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PostSubject: Project Group "Anyband"   Project Group "Anyband" Icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2007 5:36 am

Hip-hop revolutionist Tablo, bohemian rocker BoA, the person behind an amazingly sweet voice, Xiah, and the guardian angel of music, Gene Bora have teamed up to form the project group, Anyband. Let's find out more about it.

The showcase of Anyband was recently held in a riverside cafe in Seoul.
The much-anticipated event opened with genius Jazz pianist Gene Bora's performance.

Following the wonderful performance, the four members of Anyband, Tablo, BoA, Gene Bora and Xia, made their appearance one after another on stage.
What a wonderful line-up of musicians!

The music video of Anyband, a follow-up band to the three project groups, 'Anymotion,' 'Anyclub,' and 'Anystar,' was filmed in Brazil with the theme of an oppressed society void of human emotions.
Tablo shared a behind-the-scenes story.

The four talented artists known for pursuing different genres of music, such as hip hop, jazz and dance music not only worked together to create three magnificent songs , but also starred in the music video themselves.

We have no doubt, 'Talk, Play and Love,' this meaningful message from Anyband will always be remembered by music lovers.

Anyband is planning to hold a concert in the near future to pass on their message to more people.
We'll be looking forward to seeing their splendid performances.

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Project Group "Anyband"
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