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 Shin Hye-sung Returns for an Encore

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Shin Hye-sung Returns for an Encore Empty
PostSubject: Shin Hye-sung Returns for an Encore   Shin Hye-sung Returns for an Encore Icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2007 5:47 am

Shin Hye-sung Returns for an Encore Shin_h10Shin Hye-sung Returns for an Encore Shin_h11Shin Hye-sung Returns for an Encore Shin_h12

You can definitely say that Shin Hye-sung is a success case when it comes to singers who detach from a group to fly solo!
Today Shin had a special event planned for his fans after the enthusiastic response he received from his first SOLO concerts held in Korea and Japan this past summer.

The special event was an encore concert!
There were fans gathered from all over the Asian continent, including Korea, China, and Japan! It was amazing to see how much influence he had on the public.
I spoke with some fans myself!

Before we could see him, we heard him. Shin sang "Island" as he approached the stage 10 meters in the air! It WAS, after all, his encore concert and he was starting it off with style! Like he had said before, today's performance was a special thanks to his fans.

This concert is, however, also his first show since the release of his second solo album.
Shin Hye-sung fans will be happy to hear that this concert was first on the list of tickets sales around the same time. It even outsold tickets for Beyonce's concert, which was on the same night! That would make anyone happy.

Tonight's encore show was called 'Shin Hye-sung First Tour: The Beginning, New Days... verse 2,' and the singer really went out of his way to make the concert special. He spent more time on the set-up, prepared more events for the audience, and went out of his way to make everything aesthetically appealing.

Of all the various events and performances he had ready for his fans... a rock n' roll version of the song, "Champion"!
THAT'S a side of him we've never seen before! The head-banging was a nice touch.

And Shin Hye-sung remembered to charm the girls in the audience with his 'cute' side. So what's the highlight of the planned events tonight?

What's this? I keep up with the latest in entertainment, but I didn't know that Shin Hye-sung was a master at trot music, too! He really DID have a lot prepared for his concert. His antics on-stage brought laughter to the crowd. And he was just getting started!
Shin was joined on the stage by teen princesses of K-pop, Wonder Girls!

Just for the night, he was the sixth member of Wonder Girls and danced to their "Tell Me" song.

Now here's something that you can't see at any concert besides this one!
Shinhwa members Shin Hye-sung and Jun Jin had a deal on the side - a duo made up of the two members, called 'The Birds.' But there was a slight change today - Lee Min-woo got on-stage, instead of Jun Jin. Apparently this was a newly-formed pact and they called themselves, 'Min Shung.'

Shin Hye-sung got the crowd screaming wildly with his intense performance.
And where Shin Hye-sung goes, Shinhwa follows! Besides Lee Min-woo, members Eric and Kim Dong-wan were there to show their support.
Well... There was ANOTHER reason Eric was there!

Of course he couldn't leave out the songs from his special album!

His special album, also his SECOND solo album, had music that truly accented Shin's growing vocal abilities. His voice was filled with emotion as he sang "Erase, Discard, and Forget...". It was the perfect piece to wind things down at the concert.

Shinhwa member, Shin Hye-sung. Already in his THIRD year of flying solo.
Every year, he continues to impress critics and fans with his musical capacities.
That was the encore concert for Shin Hye-sung and his second solo album!

*credits to:
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Shin Hye-sung Returns for an Encore
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