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 JJ Lin Jun Jie

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PostSubject: JJ Lin Jun Jie   Sat Sep 01, 2007 8:56 pm

This is a Chinese name; the family name is Lin (林).
JJ Lin (Traditional Chinese: 林俊傑; Simplified Chinese: 林俊杰; Pinyin: Ln Jnji; born on March 27, 1981) is a Chinese-Singaporean Pop-Singer. He is also known as JJ Lamb, and he is generally called "Wayne," his baptismal name, by his friends and members of his church.

Lin Jun Jie was born in Singapore and studied in locals as well as oversea schools, namely The Anglo-Chinese School and St. Andrews Junior College, before launching his musical career. He is of Fujian descent. He came to musical prominence and success in the Greater China region. In Taiwan, he was awarded the "Best New Artist" award in the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards.

Signed to Ocean Butterflies, he has written songs for various artists, notably Ji De (Remember) for Taiwanese singer A-Mei, and fellow labelmate A-do's Fang Shou. He writes all the melodies in his albums.

Back in Singapore, he was chosen to perform the remixed version of Home, the theme song of the National Day Parade in 2004. His career and notability began to rise astronomically in Singapore particularly with the aid of his music being used in television dramas produced by MediaCorp TV Channel 8, and his increased public appearances, such as being the guest performer in the finals of Channel U's Project SuperStar.

After winning the Gold award in the Best New Act category in the 2004 Singapore Hit Awards, he went on to sweep the 2005 edition with four awards to his name, including the Best Local Male Artiste, Best Composing Artiste, Best Male Vocalist and Best Local Music Composition awards, recognising his talents both in the composition and performance aspects of his music. His fourth album, Cao Cao, sold 1 million copies in less than a week and sold well in Malaysia, Singapore and throughout Asia .

He has appeared in various different advertisements, such as Sprite and Pringles.

He is also the tourist ambassador for Singapore. And part of his work schedule involves him traveling around Asia making Singapore known as well as to promote his own works.

TV Shows :
Hanazakarino Kimitachihe (GTV, 2006)
JJ is the voice-over for the dragon prince, Draco, in the local (Singapore) animation, Legend of the Sea.

Discography :
10 April 2003 Music Voyager 樂行者
8 June 2004 Second Heaven 第二天堂
1 April 2005 No. 89757 編號89757
17 February 2006 Cao Cao 曹操
29 June 2007 West Side 西界

Awards :
2003 Taiwan Golden Melody Awards, Best New Artist

2004 Singapore Hit Awards, Best New Act (Gold)

2005 Singapore Hit Awards, Best Local Male Artiste (編號89757)
Singapore Hit Awards, Best Composing Artiste (編號89757)
Singapore Hit Awards, Best Male Vocalist (編號89757)
Singapore Hit Awards, Best Local Music Composition (一千年以後 in 編號89757)
Hito Music Awards, Top Ten Golden Songs (江南 in 第二天堂)
The 12th China Music Awards (第12届中国歌曲排行榜), Best Composing Artiste (Taiwan and Hong Kong) 港台地区最佳创作歌手
The 12th China Music Awards (第12届中国歌曲排行榜), Best Hit "River South" (Taiwan and Hong Kong) 港台最受欢迎歌曲《江南》
5th Global Chinese Music Awards, Best Album(編號89757), Top 25 Golden Hits of the Year(一千年以後 in 編號89757), Most Popular Composing Artiste, Regional Best Performer

2006 Held a world tour covering states in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taipei.
Beijing Music Awards, Most Popular Male Artist, Top Twenty Golden Melody(曹操), Best Album(曹操), Best Producer(曹操), "True Hero" Award

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JJ Lin Jun Jie
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