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 Nicholas Teo

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PostSubject: Nicholas Teo   Thu Sep 06, 2007 8:28 pm

Nicholas Teo (Traditional Chinese: 張棟樑; Simplified Chinese: 张栋梁; Pinyin: Zhāng Dòngliáng; born November 29, 1981), also known as Nicholas Zhang, is a Malaysian singer signed under Play Music. Before returning to Malaysia, Nicholas was studying in Taiwan; where he won the Best Singer in a competition among all the Taiwan Universities. Thereafter, he was approached and asked if he would sign up with a company as a back-up singer (backing vocalist, to harmonize with the lead vocalist); which Nicholas subsequently ignored. He returned to Malaysia without finishing his studies and participated in the singing competition “2002 Astro Talent Quest”. Nicholas won first place with the song黃昏(Huanghun) originally sung by Zhou Chuan Xiong. This led to Nicholas signing a contract in Taiwan with Music Street in 2003. On June 18, 2004 he released his first album 首选张栋梁 (“1st Choice Nicholas”). Music Street eventually merged with Warner Music, and it should be noted that Play Music is a record label subsidiary of Singaporean company Musicstreet Pte Ltd. In 2006, Nicholas received the 2006 Hito Newcomer Award in Taiwan.


1st Choice Nicholas 首選張棟樑 (2004)
Nicholas 張棟樑首張同名專輯 (Taiwan Version) (2005)
Only Nicholas 主打張棟樑 (2006)
Prince Nicholas 王子 (2007)

Dearly Love You EP 只在乎你 EP (Malaysia Only) (2005)

Smiling Pasta OST 微笑PASTA電視原聲帶 (2006)

Smiling Pasta 微笑 Pasta (2006) as He Qun 何群

Third Generation 第三代 (2006)
Ratatouille (film) 料理鼠王 (2007) Voice

Products Endorsement
Red Box Karaoke OK KTV (2004)
Alcatel “One Touch (TM) 735” (2004)
Besta E-Dictionary CD608 & CD616 (2003-2005)
Besta E-Dictionary CD618Pro (2005-2006)
Zheng Tea (2006)
Phillip Morgan Glasses (2006)
HBoy Fashion Line (2006-2007)

He is Malaysian, but is said that his smile looks like a Korean star Kim Jae Won. He is often mistaken for him.
Cyndi Wang is so far the only female actress/singer to work with him as leads in both his drama (Smiling Pasta, 2006) and animation film (Ratatouille, 2007) debuts.
He is currently rumoured to be with Cyndi Wang, after the two surprisingly showed up at each other's autograph sessions. Cyndi Wang showed up at his latest album Prince Nicholas' press conference, presenting him a glass slipper, which he later helped her put on. He also showed up at Cyndi Wang's latest album Magic Cyndi's autograph session and presented her with a love amulet.

Credit to
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PostSubject: Re: Nicholas Teo   Sun Sep 09, 2007 4:46 pm

WOW!!! I like Cyndi and Nicholas... I think they're gonna make a perfect pair! I loved them in Smiling Pasta...

I also loved Nic's song especially Jiu Wei Xiao Le, Tears of Polaris, Zhi Yin Wei Ni and of course Xiao Wu Gui. ^_____^ Loved 'em... Loved 'em... bounce
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Nicholas Teo
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