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 Rainie Yang

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PostSubject: Rainie Yang   Sun Sep 09, 2007 1:33 pm

Rainie Yang (Traditional Chinese: 楊丞琳; Simplified Chinese: 杨丞琳; Pinyin: Yáng Chénglín; born June 4, 1984) is a popular Taiwanese singer, actress, and talk show host.

Yang was a member of 4 in Love before the group disbanded. However, she continued to persue a career in the entertainment industry as a TV host, hosting shows such as the "Guess Guess Show". After playing the supporting roles in several dramas (including the mega hit Meteor Garden), she landed the starring role (Qi Yue) in the CTV drama Devil beside you opposite Mike He. Devil beside you proved to be very popular, and Rainie's career really took off. The same year, she released her debut album, My Intuition featuring her hit songs Ai Mei and Li Xiang Qing Ren (Both from Devil Beside You). My Intuition made Chinese history as the only debut album to reach platinum status. In 2006, she released Meeting Love, which also sold very well. She has another album set to be released during the summer of 2007.

In early January 2007, Rainie Yang recorded her last Guess show due to her busy schedule.She is currently starring in a new TV series called Why Why Love opposite of Mike He and Kingone Wang. She is also set to to star in the pilot of a romantic-comedy tentatively titled as Fresh Tomato for Sauce alongside Cyndi Wang, Elva Hsiao and Roy Chai.

On September, 7 2007, she released her third album titled My Other Self aka Free Gate.
In 2003, Yang mistook the eight-year Second Sino-Japanese War as having been eleven years in length during a television program. After having learned the actual length of the war, she responded with "Only eight years?" This response generated anger in mainland China, leading to boycotting of Hunan Satellite Television's airing of Devil Beside You, in which she acted. Upon learning the widespread boycott, Hunan TV replaced the show's airtime with Green Forest, My Home.

1st My Intuition
(曖昧) Ai Mei
Released: September 9, 2005 (Worldwide)
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Label: Sony BMG
Genre: Mandopop

2nd Meeting Love
(遇上愛) Yu Shang Ai
Released: March 19, 2006 (Worldwide)
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Label: Sony BMG
Genre: Mandopop

3rd My Other Self
(任意門) Ren Yi Men (Free Gate)
Planned Release: September 7, 2007 (Worldwide)
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Label: Sony BMG
Genre: Mandopop


2001 Meteor Garden 《流星花園》 - Xiao You
Meteor Rain 《流星雨》 - Xiao You

2002 Tomorrow 《愛情白皮書》 - Yuan Chen Mei
Hua Xiang Lavender 2 「花香番外篇」 許紹洋E偶像劇 - Xiao Xiao
Sunshine Jelly 《陽光果凍》 - Mei

2003 The Pink Godfather 《粉紅教父小甜甜》- Bao Xiao Ting / Chen Tian Shi
The Original Scent of Summer 《原味的夏天》 - Yang Pan Pan

2004 Love Bird 《候鳥e人》 - Jiang Ding Han
Legend of Speed 《極速傳說》 - Juliet / Gao Yun
City Of The Sky 《天空之城》 - Lu Bin Yan
Liao Zhai 《聊齋》 - Zheng Ah Bao

2005 Devil Beside You 《惡魔在身邊》 - Qi Yue

2007 Why Why Love/Exchange Love《換換愛》 -Tong Jia Di
One Night Only, special Asian edition

TV shows
Wo Cai Wo Cai Wo Cai Cai Cai (Guess Guess Guess) (CTV) - 2002 [2002.09.30] - 2007 [2007.01.08]
ASOS 100% Entertainment - 2005
Azio Entertainment News - 2002 - May 2004
TVBS Game Show - 2003
Jacky Live! - 2003

Credit to
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Rainie Yang
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