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 The 1st Shop of Coffe Prince

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PostSubject: The 1st Shop of Coffe Prince   Sun Sep 09, 2007 1:36 pm

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

Coffee Shop Members

Han Kyul's Family

Eun Chan's Family

Choi Han Kyul (played by Gong Yoo) is the cocky son of a rich family who runs a coffee franchise. He doesn't believe in love and certainly doesn't want to get married despite his family's requests. On the other hand, Go Eun Chan (played by Yoo Eun Hye/Goong) is a 24-year old tomboyish female who gets mistaken as a guy quite often. She takes up every job possible - waitress, delivery man, etc - and has the responsibility of taking care of her mother and younger sister. Eun Chan accidentally meets Han Kyul twice, once on a delivery and once during a robbery. During the robbery, Eun Chan's delivery motorcycle ends up being destroyed. Han Kyul, not knowing that Eun Chan is actually a girl, decides to hire Eun Chan as a false "lover" in exchange for money so that he can escape the blind date arranged by his grandmother. Meanwhile, Han Kyul's cousin Choi Han Seong is an established music producer and his ex-girlfriend Han Yoo Joo, who Han Kyul secretly loved for nine years, is a famous artist who studied in New York. The two were lovers for about 8 years but their relationship ended when Yoo Joo broke up with Han Seong. Two years after they separated their paths cross again when Yoo Joo came back to Seoul.
After getting an ultimatum from his grandmother, Han Kyul takes over their newly bought coffee shop named Coffee Prince to prove his ability, both to his grandmother and Yoo Joo. In order to attract female customers, he only hires good looking male employees. In a struggle with money, Eun Chan, whom Han Kyul has already mistaken as a boy, hides her gender identity to get a job at Coffee Prince. Soon the feelings start to spark between Eun Chan and Han Kyul. Despite not knowing Eun Chan is a GIRL, Han Kyul starts to question his sexuality and even goes to the hospital for it.
Will Han Kyul accept his feelings towards Eun Chan and give their relationship a try? Or will he leave their friendship the way it was in order for Eun Chan to stay by his as long as possible before he leaves for America? Will Eun Chan tell him the truth or will she forever keep lying so that she could keep providing for her family? Will it be love or resposibilities?

Credit :
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PostSubject: Re: The 1st Shop of Coffe Prince   Sun Sep 09, 2007 1:45 pm

Hahaha... I want to watch this... From the synopsis I can see that this is a nice drama... LindaEast's sister has introduced me to the drama, actually... I will watch it soon...
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The 1st Shop of Coffe Prince
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