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 Tackey & Tsubasa

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PostSubject: Tackey & Tsubasa   Mon Sep 10, 2007 8:37 am

Tackey & Tsubasa (タッキー&翼; also seen Takki & Tsubasa) is a two person unit under Johnny's Jimusho and a contract artist under avex trax. Both act in various Dorama whenever they are not singing.

•Nicknames: Takky, Taki, Tackey, hide-kun
•Age: 25
•Birthday: 29 March 1982
•Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
•Blood Type: A
•Height: 169 cm
•Weight: 62 kg
•Family: Parents, 1 Sister & 1 Brother
•Entered Johnny's: April 1995 when he was 13
•Is Best friends with Tsubasa

•Age: 25
•Birthday: October 17, 1981
•Birthplace: Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture
•Blood type: A
•Height: 173 cm
•Weight: 54 kg
•Family: Parents, 1 Sister
•Entered Johnny's: April 1995 when he was 13
•Is Best friends with Tackey


•[2004.04.28] 2wenty 2wo
•[2006.11.15] Two You Four You

•[2003.02.26] To be, To be, Ten made to be
•[2003.11.12] Yume Monogatari (夢物語)
•[2004.02.11] One Day, One Dream
•[2004.11.03] Serenade (愛想曲(セレナーデ))
•[2005.05.04] Kamen / Mirai Koukai (仮面 / 未来航海)
•[2006.01.18] Venus
•[2006.08.09] Ho! Summer (Ho! サマー)
•[2007.04.18] x ~Dame~ / Crazy Rainbow (×~ダメ~)
•[2007.08.08] SAMURAI

•[2002.09.11] Hatachi

•[2004.09.08] Best of Inu Yasha Seifu Meigetsu - Inu Yasha Theme Zenshu 2
•[2004.07.03] Johnny's Taiiku no Hi Fan Kansha-sai
•[2003.07.30] avex 15th Anniversary Compilation J-POP Vol.2

*credits to :
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Tackey & Tsubasa
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