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Eiji Wentz Eiji_w10

•Name: ウエンツ瑛士
•Name (romaji): Wentz Eiji
•Profession: Actor and singer
•Birthdate: 1985-Oct-08
•Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
•Height: 170cm
•Weight: 55kg
•Star sign: Libra
•Blood type: O
•Family: Parents and an older brother
•JPop group: WaT
•Talent agency: Ever Green Entertainment (

Eiji Wentz was the youngest and the second son born to a German-American father and a Japanese mother. Due to the family's American background, his father and his brother are fluent in English. However, he is monolingual only fluent in Japanese, and considers himself Japanese. Because both of his parents worked to support the family, Eiji lived with his grandmother as a child.
He became involved in the entertainment industry at a very young age. Wentz initially started as a model at age 4, and made his acting debut as the role of Chip in the Four Seasons Musical Troupe Production of Beauty and the Beast. He became famous as a child actor as a regular on the NHK television show Tensai Terebi-kun (天才テレビくん) where he played bass guitar and piano at age 10. During live performances, he played the acoustic bass as well as the keyboard. He started learning the guitar from age 17.
After departing from Tensai Terebi-kun, Wentz was scouted by Johnny's Entertainment but he rejected the company's offer, because he "doesn't like dancing" and "likes comedy." He later entered Burning Productions after the recommendation of Hiromi Gō.

He doesn't like to use his looks to achieve success as a comedian, but if it's for the sake of comedy, Eiji will show off his backside. Because of his spirited attitude many consider him to be one of the best upcoming young comedians. Eiji says he absolutely loves Housei Yamazaki, a famous comedian, because of the times they starred together on Tensai Terebi-kun. In fact, on the November 21, 2005 episode of Fuji Television's HEY!HEY!HEY! MUSIC CHAMP, Yamasaki told one of hosts "He was the first guy to ever respect me." Though Yamazaki is his "god of comedy," he also draws influence from Kouji Imada, Hiroyuki Miyasako, and Hiroshi Shinagawa among others.

After Tensai Terebikun ended, Eiji continued to play music, and started a band WaT with Teppei Koike. They started in 2002 with street performances. In February of 2004 they released an indies CD. In August of 2005 they were signed to Universal Music and had their major debut in November 2005. While he had once remained awkward relationship with Teppei Koike, they are now very close. Eiji has spent at least the last four Christmas holidays with Teppei. (The first year they took purikura together in Shinjuku, the second year they ran a marathon for the shooting of their first music video, the third year they ate together at a salisbury steak restaurant, the forth year they had a WaT event as well as shooting for Love Com.) Eiji's musical influence comes from Mr. Children and The Yellow Monkey. In particular, he admires the lead singer of The Yellow Monkey, Kazuya Yoshii who happens to share his birthday (October Cool. On the radio, Yoshii told Eiji, "Some day I want to write you an erotic song to sing."

•Kirakira Kenshui (TBS, 2007)
•Rondo (TBS, 2006)
•Tadashii Renai (TBS, 2005)
•Aatantei jimusho (TV Asahi, 2004, ep3)
•Fujiko Hemingu no Kiseki (Fuji TV, 2003)
•Lion Sensei (NTV, 2003)
•Gokusen (NTV, 2002, ep6)
•Tantei Kazoku (NTV, 2002)
•Toshiie and Matsu (NHK, 2002)
•Kyuumei Senshi Nano Seibaa (NHK, 1995)

•Gegege no Kitaro ( (2007)
•Captain Tokio (キャプテン・トキオ) (2007)
•My Favorite Girl (2006)
•ブレイブ・ストーリー / Brave Story (2006)
•Love Com (2006)
•仮面ライダー THE FIRST / Kamen Rider - The first (2005)

•Born from a German-American father and a Japanese mother, Eiji is widely known as "the half-American who can only speak Japanese" as he was born and raised in Japan.
•He graduated from Nihon University Sakuragaoka High School

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Eiji Wentz
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