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 Endless Love: Autumn in my Heart

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PostSubject: Endless Love: Autumn in my Heart   Thu Sep 13, 2007 11:11 am

•Title: 가을동화 / Gaeul Donghwa
•Also known as: Autumn in My Heart / A Tale of Autumn / Autumn Story / Endless Love
•Genre: Drama, Romance
•Episodes: 16
•Broadcast network: KBS2
•Broadcast period: 2000-09-18 to 2000-11-07
•Air time: Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM
•Viewership rating: (peak) (46.1%) (average: 38.6%)

The story begins during the teenage years of the two main characters: Yun Jun-suh (played by Choi Woo Hyuk) and Yun Eun-suh (played by Moon Geun Young). They are the children of a rich professor and believed they are biologically brother and sister until Eun-suh gets in an automobile accident.
After blood tests were carried out by the doctor on Mr and Mrs Yun for Eun Suh's transfusion, the Yuns find out that Eun-suh belongs to a Mrs Choi, and Choi Shin-ae (played by Han Chae-yeong), is the Yun's biological daughter. At first, only the parents of Shin-ae and Eun-suh knew about this, but eventually, Shin-ae discovered the truth after she got into a fierce argument with her non-biological mother over a teddy bear she received from her biological father. Eun-suh only discovered the truth after Shin-ae wants her biological parents to take her in. In the end, the two daughters were returned to their rightful parents. Eun-suh now lives with the Choi family, where her biological father is dead and her widowed mother operates a small restaurant living in abject poverty.
Years went by, and in the duration, the Yun family went to the United States, where Jun-suh (now played by Song Seung-heon) returns to South Korea as a successful artist. He went back to the town he lived in, where he encountered his old friend, Han Tae-seok (played by Won Bin). They both stay at the hotel where Eun-suh (now played by Song Hye-gyo) works as a telephone receptionist. Tae-seok (who doesn't know about the entire brother and sister mixup that happened earlier) fell in love with Eun-suh and played games with her until she was fired from her job. One day Eun-suh saw Joon-suh and followed him to the beach where he was with Yumi (his fiancee) and Tae-sok and the two "siblings" finally meet after ten years.
Both Eun-suh and Joon-suh pretended to have a sibling relationship in front of the others at first but Shin-ae - angry at Eun-suh for taking away Tae-sok - exposed the two after she found a love letter Eun-suh had written to Joon-suh.
As a fight between Jun-suh and Tae-seok grows over their professed love for Eun-suh, she discovers she has leukemia (the same illness that took her biological father's life). She didn't tell anyone until the disease was at a terminal stage. All hope was lost by now, and Eun-suh died as Jun-suh was carrying her around the beach where they spent her birthday as teenagers.
Before Eun-suh died, she told Jun-seo not to follow her in death, and to continue living. However, Jun-suh, grief-stricken by the death of his lover and "sister", allowed himself to be struck by a truck (ironically the story starts with Eun-suh being struck by a truck), and he died shortly afterwards.

•Song Seung Hun as Yun Joon-suh
•Song Hye Kyo as Yun/Choi Eun-suh
•Won Bin as Han Tae-suhk
•Han Na Na as Shin Yu-mi
•Han Chae Young as Choi/Yun Shin-ae
•Choi Woo Hyuk as teenage Joon-suh
•Moon Geun Young as teenage Eun-suh
•Lee Ae Jung as teenage Shin-ae
•Jung Dong Hwan as Yun Kyo-soo (Joon-suh's father)
•Sun Woo Eun Sook as Lee Kyung-ha (Joon-suh's mother)
•Kim Hae Sook as Kim Soon-im (Eun-suh's birth mother)

*credits to:
*credits to:
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Endless Love: Autumn in my Heart
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