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 Endless Love: Spring Waltz

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PostSubject: Endless Love: Spring Waltz   Endless Love: Spring Waltz Icon_minitimeThu Sep 13, 2007 11:30 am

Endless Love: Spring Waltz Spring10

•Title: 봄의 왈츠 / Bom-ui Wal-cheu
•English title: Spring Waltz / Endless Love 4
•Genre: Romance
•Episodes: 20
•Broadcast network: KBS2
•Broadcast period: 2006-Mar-06 to 2006-May-16
•Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
•Theme Song: One Love by Loveholic

The story begins with Eun-young’s plane ride to Austria, where she happens to sit next to Song Ina, who is on her way to meet her childhood love, Jae-ha. However, Jae-ha (a.k.a: Chris Y), who has now grown up to be a young, accomplished pianist in Austria, seems not pleased with meeting Ina again after 15 years for some reason. Eun-young, on the other hand, excited about her first overseas trip, bumps into Phillip (Jae-ha’s manager and best friend), who has mistaken her as Ina whom he was suppose to pick up at the airport. The four meets, each in different turns of circumstances and incidents, and their story of love, fate and destiny begins.
On her train ride to a classical concert - a gift from Phillip – Eun-young meets Jae-ha, who is also on his way to his concert. Despite him displaying his reluctance and indifference to be friendly to Eun-young, the two are immediately attracted to each other – especially for Jae-ha, because of the way she reminds him of his long-lost childhood love (and that is not Song Ina for him). After the concert, Jae-ha meets Eun-young again, but soon finds out that she is in fact Phillip’s love interest. Even with Ina by his side, and the sense of disappointment that his best friend is interested in Eun-young, Jae-ha can’t stop thinking about her. Eun-young, realizing that Jae-ha is a renowned pianist and Ina’s first love, also finds herself drawn to Jaeha time to time.

•Seo Do Young 서도영 as Yoon Jae-ha 윤재하
•Han Hyo Joo 한효주 as Park Eun-young 박은영
•Daniel Henney as Phillip 필립
•Lee So Yeon 이소연 as Song Yi-na 송이나

•Choi Ja Hye as Eun-Young's Best Friend
•Kim Hae Sook as Eun-Young's adoptive mom, also her aunt
•Choi Si Won as Eun-Young's brother, also her cousin
•Eun Won Jae as young Jae-Ha
•Han So Hee as young Eun-Young
•Yoon Yoo Sun as Eun- Young's birth mother

*credits to:
*credits to:
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Endless Love: Spring Waltz
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