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 What a ROCK!!

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PostSubject: What a ROCK!!   Thu Oct 25, 2007 5:48 am

IN FRONT of 10,000 people, guitarist Real Huang of Taiwanese pop-rock band F.I.R whipped out a ring and got down on one knee.

The ring was half the size of a clenched fist.

'It's 100 carat,' he joked.

The object of his affections was his band mate - lead vocalist Faye Zhan.

The occasion? F.I.R's concert at the Taipei Arena, which kicks off the band's first concert world tour with at least seven stops, including Hong Kong and Singapore.

It was not only a significant moment for the 3-year-old band, but also for the two lovebirds who went public with their romance early last month.

Fans and the media alike had earlier wondered if they would kiss on stage, but band leader and keyboardist Ian Chen put his foot down.

'No more than holding hands!' he scoffed when the trio met reporters during their rehearsal on Friday.

Obedient enough, Faye and Real did not hold hands. No lip-locking either, despite the audience constantly breaking into chants asking them to kiss or hug.

Faye chided on stage, albeit jokingly: 'It's all because of you. We didn't do anything bad but you make it seem as if we did.'

The two lovebirds even avoided looking at each other when they started to belt out the duet Tian Tian Ye Ye (Day And Night), which incorporates LeAnn Rimes' hit single How Do I Live.

But Real, 27, had a sweet surprise up his sleeve.

He stopped singing just before the end and teased Faye, 26: 'The mood is so great today, why don't we French kiss?'

Peals of laughter filled the arena as she shyly pushed him away.

Turning serious, Real said he had prepared a small gift for Faye.

He said it had to do with the figure '100', but not 100 flowers, because that would be 'too lousy'.

Instead, he whipped out what he called a '100-carat ring'.

'If Faye doesn't accept my sincere love declaration, there'll be no guitarist for the second half of the show.'

With that, he got down on his knee and said lovingly: 'Will you wear this big ring?'

And so she did - on her left wrist.

Faye revealed at the post-concert party that she was caught off-guard by Real's grand gesture.

'His hands were shaking, and I was like, 'What should I do?'

'I was stuck on stage. I was so scared that he was really proposing, it's too sudden!'

Ian, 36, jumped in at this point and slammed the table jokingly: 'I won't agree! We must still continue to do music together.'

To which Real said in a resigned tone: '(Ian) is our biggest obstacle.'

After all, Ian is the serious veteran in the group and both Real and Faye call him 'Lao Shi' (Mandarin for teacher) out of respect.


Real said he had thought long and hard how to declare his feelings for Faye on stage, before getting a friend to help him buy the gigantic ring.

It is made of crystal and cost about NT1,200 ($54).

He said: 'I wanted to do something that is humorous but yet, expresses my feelings.'

He kept Faye in the dark, but told the supporting concert band about it and asked the members to stop playing at the right moment.

So, is it a genuine proposal?

The couple both shook their heads and muttered 'No no no...'

Faye said it was only for 'effect' on stage, while Real said the real thing will have to wait till next year.

As for whether he will soon get Faye a real diamond, he laughed and said that he would first have to write 100 more songs to earn enough royalties.

'Make do with this first, okay?' he added, glancing at a giggling Faye.

She said she would probably wear the ring as an accessory.

Other artistes somehow got wind of the proposal.

A certain 'famous three-girl group' - obviously the kooky S.H.E - sent F.I.R a congratulatory flower stand with this cryptic but revealing note attached:

'Real, if you don't get down on your knees in front of 10,000 people as your witness, it'd be a pity.

'Faye, if you don't agree, you're not giving (him) face.

'Ian, if you don't give your blessing, you're being too strict.'

Guest star Stefanie Sun, who joined Faye in belting out the evergreen tune We Will Rock You, was the most direct on stage.

'So, when are you two getting married?' she asked.

Maybe the answer will surface when F.I.R makes its way to Singapore to stage its concert in months to come.

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What a ROCK!!
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