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 Show Luo Zhi Xiang trains to stay fit...

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PostSubject: Show Luo Zhi Xiang trains to stay fit...   Thu Oct 25, 2007 9:26 am

2007 Cotton USA Spokesperson Show Luo, personally designs and displays his "Halloween Mischievous Little Devil" outfit! Training for better body, walks the walkway and shows a little of his progress so far!

Asia’s New Dance King didn’t dance this time, but transformed into a designer and personally displayed his creation! As the 2007 spokesperson for Cotton USA, Show “Xiao Zhu” Luo attended the Cotton Fabric Design Fashion Show Finals as a guest, but not just to simply walk on the walkway. He also personally crafted an outfit himself, the “Halloween Mischievous Little Devil” look. He used his favorite cotton t-shirts and jeans as the base. Then he designed a Jack-o-lantern design on the shirt. In his busy schedule, he had asked his mother to help him work on his outfit overnight, but the always filial Show was also worried that his mother would be too tired, and said, “You don’t have to sew everything perfectly, just as long as it won’t fall off, it will be okay!” Show loves buy stuff from outside of the country. The devilish hands on his outfit is the “Spoils of War” (aka goodies) that he had gotten in Tokyo, Japan. He designed for a look where a ghoulish hand was bleeding on his shoulder; he jokingly said that the design was inspired by 4 people, “Cai Kang Yong, who loves to put things on his shoulder; Ryuk (‘death god’) from ‘Death Note’; Jolin’s ‘Agent J’ killer fingernails, and Gui Lun Mei from Jay Chou’s ‘Secret’!” The superb actor singer Show has tons silly little wicked ideas. Once he heard about the theme was for cotton clothing, and was a final showcasing for professional design students, he immediately started on his own project very full of enthusiasm. He disclosed, “My design may not be at par with those of these professional designers, but I guarantee that my creativity will be very effective!”

At the moment, Show Luo is putting all his efforts into preparing for his first ticketed concert in Taipei. He has rehearsal for up to 9 hours a day. Not only does he do that, but also required himself to eat only in the day time because he needs the energy to dance, otherwise, after 6 o’clock he doesn’t touch starch foods and if he gets really hungry, then he’ll have an apple or a skinless chicken leg. This is hellish diet for the fried-rice loving Show Luo! To him, this not only allows him to train his body, but it mainly caters to his new haircut. The hair he’d grown out for so long was cut short, and now revealing his neck and cheek, the hair loving “Xiao Zhu” feels he has no where to hide now, so he's taking the chance with his now short hair to slim down even more. Show says, “This way of bearing the pain of cutting my hair is very meaningful!” With a his massive loads of exercise and a diet, Show Luo had lost 3 kg in less than two weeks! On 10/24 he attended the fashion show as guest, so he was able to show off his progress a little! Show said very confidently, “I’m thinking that when time comes for the concert, I should be about the size of a model!”

Source: MTV Chinese
Translated by: o_ost1nao_o

*credits to:
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Show Luo Zhi Xiang trains to stay fit...
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