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PostSubject: Sulky Erika Sawajiri...   Sulky Erika Sawajiri... Icon_minitimeThu Oct 25, 2007 11:04 am

Sulky Erika Sawajiri... Erika_10Sulky Erika Sawajiri... Erika_11

Sawajiri Erika continues to get flack for her demeanor at her movie premiere which the actress looked upset and didn’t say a word.

In the latest Wai Wai, Sawajiri said, “I’ve created a tremendous amount of trouble for all concerned and I’m terribly sorry,” Yukan Fuji quotes the message posted in Sawajiri’s name. “I was the cause of all the bad things that happened at the event and I intend to take responsibility for my actions. What happened proved to me that I still have a lot of growing up to do.”

“Onlookers suspected something was amiss before the greeting held in a preview of “Closed Note” at the Nichigeki Theater in Tokyo’s Yurakucho district on Sept. 29 when Sawajiri turned up in a long, blonde wig and wearing a leopard-skin dress. Their fears were confirmed when she muttered a simple, “Thanks for coming,” then folded her arms and stood silently with a snooty look on her face as events unfolded.”

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Sulky Erika Sawajiri...
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