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 Super Junior Lends a Helping Hand... Again!

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Super Junior Lends a Helping Hand... Again! Empty
PostSubject: Super Junior Lends a Helping Hand... Again!   Super Junior Lends a Helping Hand... Again! Icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2007 5:34 am

If there's something difficult that you have to take care, ask for the help of SUPER JUNIOR!
The members have a new past-time that they enjoy IMMENSELY helping out with good deeds! Let's see what they're up to this time -

The last time we saw them, they were helping at a senior citizens' center.
Today, Super Junior rolled up their sleeves to share their time with children.

They were ready to do what needed to be done! The members listened solemnly to the orientation and after quickly conferring amongst themselves, they were off to do their parts.
Now, before they began the top-to-bottom cleaning, EunHyuk lightened up the atmosphere with some Super Junior music.
So, what will they be doing today?

EunHyuk was in charge of group two. He did some heavy-lifting, then he worked on the cleaning. If he didn't think something was clean enough, he went over it again!

Stuck with the probably the most difficult cleaning job was SiWon. But he was still laughing when we found him! SiWon told us that he'd be done in a jiffy.
Meanwhile, we found Ki-bum hard at work picking up the trash.
As you can see, he was in charge of cleaning up the litter outside.
Spotted next was Super Junior member HanKyung. He had a proud expression on his face, surveying the sparkling job he'd done on a window.

After getting the place cleaned up, it was REC TIME!
It looked like SUPER JUNIOR was more excited than the children - They were all dancing, twirling, and showing off their moves.
There was none of the awkwardness from a couple hours ago.
Helping with the chores, getting a break to dance and have fun, and now?
It was time to chow down with the members of Super Junior.

Thanks to Super Junior, there were some VERY happy children today!
The members managed to put smiles on EVERYONE's faces.
We hope that the group continues to lend a helping hand whenever they can!

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Super Junior Lends a Helping Hand... Again!
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